Are you ready to really take the next step in your development?  Either because you are stuck where you are or because you know that in your new role or position something else is needed, something else is wanted. Do you feel you want to be(come) a more valuable and soul-driven leader, partner, friend but you don’t know how? Do you want to discover your true desires and start acting on them?

Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone and start taking your whole being (including your body!) into the desired change then this is for you.

In this 6 months journey you will discover your drivers, and your values. You will learn to value your desires as your creating power and you will explore what it means to follow them. You will learn what it means to align your three centers: Gut, Heart and Head and you will recognize your limiting beliefs.

You will translate all of this into tangible actions. Unleashing your potential and living a more fulfilling life

The deep dive,
if you are ready
for transformation

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Barbara Rijntjes – Besancon

Switzerland / The Netherlands

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