Why Transformation and what is it about?

What is Transformation

Because in the current and future world , changing, adjusting every now and then is not enough anymore. In today’s world the only constant we have is change…..

So holding on to the past, or to the routines and behaviours that we know from the past won’t help us in the future. Simply said, ” What got you here won’t get you there ” (Marshall Goldsmith.) And yes it is also inherent to (our) nature; growth.

This means future business success requires the capacity to see tomorrow’s core competencies & opportunities. And this is only about BUSINESS success. In order to solve the challenges we face as a SOCIETY, as humanity, we are in desperate need for new paradigms, new ways of leading. Dow we did it in the past actually brought us where we are right now so continuing like that for sure is not the right direction.

Why Transformation

Transformation is “a radical change in form or appearance”.
And although we often use radical to highlight somebody or something being “very different from the usual or traditional” the true meaning of radical is actually something quite the opposite. Radical comes from a Latin word meaning “root”. So Radical actually means relating to or proceeding from your root! And this is what transformation is about when working with the House of Potential; going back to the core, to your root. To your true authentic Self. To start leading and living from there. To start organising from there.

Our Programs

We talk transformation, purpose, change, and growth. Based on interventions and insights from Neuroscience, transformative coaching, Positive Psychology, leadership, behavioral science, Wellbeing and deep knowledge and experience with the functioning of organisations we help and support.

Every journey is unique and we will always tailor our approach to your specific needs.

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