• Start Date: September 2023


In the Leadership kitchen we will follow a recipe, using tasty and spicy ingredients and through that learn and grow!

An exclusive programme for senior leaders (15 years of experience or more) Exploring and learning together. A fresh combination between intervision, Mastermind and exploring new ideas and insights with the result of deep personal learning. Linking knowledge with somatic learning (=anchoring the learning in the whole being) so you can experience the effect of the new knowledge in action and being.

The ultimate goal of the programme is to make sure all participants can show up in their best possible way. Tangible growth and change. Concretely this means that all insights from the program will be translated by the participants into their daily context, into their daily being. Different exercises and tools will be used for this, as learning and especially changing behavior, occurs in different ways. The set up of the Leadership kitchen is done in such a way that you will digest the topic/ dimension in different ways (live face to face exchange and learning in group, individual reflection, e-mail prompts, exchange on relevance in daily context with a peer, journaling, and support via an online platform) which will enhance the change capacity of the participants. And while we are doing this we will have fun, look for new and creative ways and do this in a safe learning environment as research shows that these are factors that makes learning AND changing easier.


  • STEP 1

Self – leadership
The importance and meaning of Self-leadership. The different layers and dimensions. Defining your own leadership quest for the year

  • STEP 2

Your soul as the engine for potential and performance
Purpose, values and being connected. Finding your authenticity

  • STEP 3

Your body and the potential of your body
Stress, emotions and using your body as the (decision making) instrument it is.

  • STEP 4

The potential of your brain
Optimizing the (use of your) brain. Understanding the brain and how to use it more effectively.

  • STEP 5

How do I become a more intuitive leader. Within the context that you are in.

  • STEP 6

Doing versus Being 
Finding balance between action and non-action. How to integrate this as a leader


  • One-year programme with a maximum of 8 senior leaders
  • Six sessions (van 16.00 tot 20.00) where we create together using the same Recipe every two months:
  • Ingredients handed to you by the architect of the House of Potential: building new awareness around one of the dimensions of the House of Potential
  • Adding your own spices: all leaders share experiences, insights and knowledge
  • “Cooking together” making your own food: Translating the insights into your own context and you as a person
  • Facilitated by your Architect Barbara Besançon – Rijntjes.
  • The kitchen sessions take place in person, in Switzerland (Zurich area) and Netherlands (central location)

To maximize your learning experience you will also have:

  • A 1:1 Intake to set goals and intentions
  • Monthly reflection question or quest supported via your online learning platform and a monthly buddy session with one of the other participants (max 90 minutes)


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