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Barbara Rijntjes- Besancon is a certified ICF coach (PCC) and a certified neuro-transformational coach. A trained personal trainer and running coach and the host of the podcast Let’s talk Soul-Business inspiring people to explore new and different approaches to life.

After a ‘life’ in consulting as partner of a boutique consultancy firm in the Netherlands focussing on strategy design, transformation and cultural change, life took a new turn.

She moved to Switzerland where she started companies in the field of wellbeing. She joined one of the leading professional services firms, being responsible to design and execute a strategy to build a thriving culture and after that setting up a coaching centre to build a coaching culture through leadership excellence. Besides having her own coaching and leadership practice. In her career again and again she has seen that those leaders who find their own authentic voice and style, their true desires and values, and dare to act upon that, are the ones who can truly create impact in this world. With her background and years of professional and personal experience with a constant dance between Mind, Body and Soul, Barbara is the architect of the House of Potential believing that supporting and guiding your through your house is what she is here to do.

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Barbara Rijntjes – Besancon

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