Your Future Self

Often we wait to start building the life of our dreams until we have achieved a certain goal, look a certain way, and learned a certain lesson. Thinking that only then we are ready to start living the dream we really want. But what about meeting your Future Self now already? And using the lessons your Future Self has to share with you here and now already? The wisdom is already available for you!

One way to start living the life of your dreams now is by knowing what the essence is of your Future Self. And by bringing that part to the present now already. ​ Complicated? Just try it out. Don’t overthink it, just follow the flow. The following visualization is based on a future self-exercise used in the CoachesTraining Institute (CTI) coaching training.​

Find yourself a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. You can put on some peaceful music if you want to. Make sure to have pen and paper to use after the visualization.​

During the visualization there will be pauses where questions are being asked. Just keep your eyes closed and let the inner dialogue happen. Don’t worry about remembering the answers that come up. You will remember exactly what you need to remember…..​

Do you want to take the experience with your Future Self to the next level? You can always reach out to us to discuss how we can support you!  The House of Potential is a coaching and self-development company to unleash full human potential. For individuals, for teams, for organisations.​ The starting point of the House of Potential is that our Human Potential is infinite. But that we don’t always use it that way.  Based on interventions and insights from Neuroscience, transformative coaching, Positive Psychology, behavioral science, Wellbeing and deep knowledge and experience with the functioning of organisations we help.​.

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