• Start Date: September 2023


In order to be the best version of yourself, be the type of leader you aspire to be and create the impact you dream of we need to align soul – body and mind. What drives us, what we feel and what we say and do needs to be congruent. When this is the case, you will feel an ‘ endless’ energy that drives you forward.

But how do you know? And maybe even more importantly, what are the routines to keep that energy flowing?

In this highly exclusive retreat (five leaders max!) you will find out what gives you energy and what drains you, you will design your routines and you will get clarity on your vision for a fulfilling life. Translated into a tangible strategy to make this happen.

The retreat is an honest re-set (no more….) and a new start. It is all in your hands, in your heart and in your head!


In our online live group sessions we have the following topics

  1. You the coming months: the foundation for self-development and growth. Introducing the House of Potential thinking including the dimensions
  2. The dimension of the Soul: Values, drivers, purpose and being all connected
  3. The dimension of the Body: Emotions as datapoints and the influence of your body on your state
  4. The dimension of the Mind: The power of the mind and how to get the best of it
  5. Alignment; intuition and balance
  6. Your action plan; closing and celebrating

Fundamentals, taking
your growth seriously.

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Barbara Rijntjes – Besancon

Switzerland / The Netherlands

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